(ISC)2 CISSP exam questions - PassGuide  v.1.0

Passguide (ISC)2 CISSP testing engine simulates a real CISSP exam environment.

(ISC)2 CAP exam questions - PassGuide  v.1.0

Passguide (ISC)2 CAP testing engine simulates a real CAP exam environment.


Percent View  v.5 3

Percent View is a utility that computes rolling averages and generates percentile concentrations for AERMOD, ISCST3, & ISC-PRIME Models.

Dixie: DNS and DHCP Config Tool  v.1.4.8

Web interface written in php for ISC bind and ISC dhcp configuration and administration.

LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool  v.0.2

A collection of PHP scripts to manage a gateway server using Linux's Netfilter (iptables) & ISC's DHCPd v3.

ShipEdit  v.

ShipEdit is an amazing utility makes it a breeze to modify and add ships and their specs in Starfleet Command (this utility does not work in Starfleet Command II - Empires at war or SFC - Orion Pirates). It can work with SFC2 v 2.

SCREEN3 for Windows  v.5 71

SCREEN3 for Windows has all the features missing from EPA's SCREEN3, including great on-screen graphics. Plus, it can import BEEST data, and includes a special in-BEEST version for even easier modeling.

Bandwidth Management and Firewall  v.3.5.1

BMF is tool for network administrators who needs to have control over traffic shaping, transferred data and network security. Product contains state firewall, NAT with multiple public IP, captive portal, DHCP server and other features.

DShield Universal Firewall Parser  v.1.0.30

This program is a universal firewall log parser. The software will parse firewall logs from a number of personal firewall programs. The logs can be sent to for analysis and correlation. At the Web site,

Earthquake Warning Level  v.

The application notifies of earthquakes that have occurred in certain area in certain time period. The user can specify the area and time period that will be observed and customize options for earthquake warning levels.

OnFORME  v.11.28.05

OnFORME (Online Feedback Organization, Requesting and Monitoring for Educators) provides a way for educators to quickly author feedback objects (e.

IScreensaver Personal 4  v.4.3.2001

The only screensaver app for mixing movies and photos together.

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